Rules and Guidelines

The short version: Respect each other and don’t do creepy, gross, or legally iffy things here.

The Longer Version

  1. ADULTS ONLY. This is a site for people 18+.
  2. DISALLOWED CONTENT. (contact staff to check before posting if in doubt). This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Content featuring minors (those under age 18).
    2. Content that is insulting or discriminatory on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, political beliefs, body size, etc.
    3. Content that glorifies or graphically depicts rape, assault, abuse, or other violence or harm toward another being, including bestiality, necrophilia, incest, or other illegal sex acts.
    4. Images or videos featuring drug paraphernalia or illegal drug use.
    5. Images or videos depicting genitalia or spread butt cheeks.
    6. Writings with excessively detailed descriptions of genitalia, sexual fluids, or sexual acts to the exclusion of a plot. Feedist erotica and sexual discussions are encouraged, but gratuitous pornography may be removed.
    7. Stolen or pirated content.
    8. Images or videos that are not of you, especially in a fetish context. Examples of exceptions:
      1. Sharing content like a music video or meme.
      2. Images including people who cannot be made out, such as people in the background in a public setting where they have no reasonable expectation of privacy.
      3. Content the creator or subject has given express and verifiable permission to share. Contact staff to discuss it.
  3. DISALLOWED BEHAVIOR. This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Harassment.
    2. Bullying, trolling, flame wars, abuse/rudeness toward members or staff.
    3. Stealing people’s content and posting it elsewhere.
    4. Using a fake account.
  4. NO SPAMMING. This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Repeated requests for chats or contact info.
    2. Posting duplicate topics, bumping threads excessively, double posting within a short time rather than editing, and making pointless/off-topic replies in the forum area.
    3. Flooding the newsfeed with content.
    4. Generally being obnoxious rather than engaging in the community.
  5. WEIGHT LOSS/DIET/EXERCISE TALK. While these themes can be relevant to the community in certain contexts, please keep in mind this is first and foremost a feedism and fat admiration site, and these themes can be triggering for some people. There is a private group dedicated to this topic, which may be a better space for such discussions.
  6. ADVERTISING AND DONATIONS. Please use the Classifieds forum to advertise or ask for donations.
  7. MODERATORS’ WORDS ARE FINAL! Staff members have discretion to remove or edit content or members they deem objectionable as per the spirit of these rules/guidelines and have no obligation to enter into debates or explanations about it.

These rules/guidelines are not meant to be exhaustive or to cover every possible situation that may arise, but rather to set the overall tone and expectations for behavior and content on the site. The site owner reserves the right to modify them at any time without advance notice.

Last updated November 8, 2015.