About ffambrosia

What does ffambrosia mean?
The name "ffambrosia" (pronounced fam - broh - zhuh) is a concatenation of "FFA" and "ambrosia."  This name was chosen because it contains a direct reference to FFAs, a nod to our BHM "bros," and references food!  Joining the site may not make you immortal, but hopefully it does inspire some deliciously satisfying meals.

What kind of site is ffambrosia?

ffambrosia is first and foremost a feedism-focused social media site for people who identify as FFAs/female feeders and BHM/male feedees, as well as anyone who feels a bit outside the norm on other feedist sites.  This is a place for us to make friends while discussing feedism and other interests.  If you're expecting to enter into an instant feeding relationship with someone local or expect to talk about nothing but bellies, this may not be the site for you.

Is ffambrosia free?
Yes.  In the future, it is possible there could be ads or donation options to enable the site to break even since the site owner is paying expenses out-of-pocket currently.
Do I have to be a feedist to join?
No, you do not, but this site is intended first and foremost for feedists.  If that makes you uncomfortable, this site may not be the right fit.
Are FAs and BBWs welcome?
The focus of the site is on FFAs, BHM, and anyone who doesn't identify with the typical FA/BBW dynamic.  Please respect that while you are here if those aren't your primary feedist identities.
I'm queer and don't identify with the FFA/BHM dynamic either.  Is this site for me?
Only you can answer that.  We do have some queer members and hope anyone who sometimes feels frustrated by the usual dynamics and roles on other sites will help shape this site into something different, because there are few-to-no dedicated spaces for those of us who are a niche within the feedism community.  If you are FFA- and/or BHM-identifying, give us a shot.


Site Use & Features

Mobile Users & Sidebars
There are left sidebars (and a couple right sidebars) throughout the site, which contain additional menus and options.  On a mobile device, they are hidden until you fly them out by tapping the the menu icons (which look like three lines with an arrow) in the lower left or lower right of your screen.  These icons are on the same bar as your notifications and float away as you scroll.  If you cannot see the notification bar, scroll up or down with your finger until it floats back into view.
How do I report content or a user?
Report buttons are found throughout the site when viewing various content.  They can either be found in the left sidebars (on individual pages such as a user profile) or by clicking three dots in the upper right (primarily when viewing individual content such as a photo).  Click/tap a report button and fill in a reason if desired.  Depending on the nature of the report, you may be asked to provide additional information, including screenshots.  You may also send an e-mail to support@ffambrosia.com.  Because our team is small, please give us up to 24 hours to respond to reports.

How do I verify my profile?
Verification is encouraged but is completely optional.  No one will see your verification photo except ffambrosia admins unless you upload it separately to the site on your own.
  1. Click the "Verify My Profile" button on your profile page (if you're on mobile, instead of words, it's the icon resembling a disk, found beside the pencil icon).
  2. Write your username and the date on a piece of paper and hold it up while taking a face photo.
  3. Upload your verification photo.
  4. Wait for a response (within 24 hours).
What is the credit system all about?
The credits system is just a for-fun feature for community engagement.  Credits are earned through posting content.  As you earn credits, you'll move up through ranks.  Currently, only sending friend requests costs credits, but as the site expands, the credit system will become more comprehensive.  You can view your credit history and other information on the Credits tab in the main menu.
How do I delete my profile?
Go to your profile, select "Edit My Profile" (on mobile it's the pencil icon), scroll to the bottom of the screen, and select "Request to permanently delete my account."  An admin will delete your account within 24 hours.  Please note that you can also deactivate your account rather than completely deleting it.


Feedism FAQ

What is fat admiration?
Fat admiration is the active appreciation of fat bodies and a preference for fat partners.
What is feedism?
Feedism, also known as feederism, is a sexual fetish or kink centered around feeding and weight gain.  Feedists are usually fat admirers as well, but the acts of feeding and/or gaining weight as a component of sexual fulfillment distinguish feedists from fat admirers.
What is a feedee?
A feedee is someone who gains weight on purpose, usually as a component of their sexual fulfillment.  Some feedees may not be actively gaining for various reasons, including waiting to find a feeder partner, having achieved their goal weight, or preferring the act of being fed over gaining weight.
What is a feeder?
A feeder is someone who helps others gain weight, usually as a component of their sexual fulfillment.  Some feeders may not actively be helping anyone gain for various reasons, including waiting to find a feedee partner, their feedee doesn't want to gain at the moment, or preferring the act of feeding over gaining.
What is an FFA?
An FFA is a female fat admirer.  The term is commonly used in the feedism
What is a BHM?
BHM stands for Big Handsome Man, meaning a fat man.  It is an equivalent to the more well-known BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) term.
What is the difference between a feedee and a gainer?
"Gainer" is a term traditionally used in the gay male feedism community, but the term has become more widespread.  It can be used to describe people who are gaining without having a feeder.  Some people feel the "feedee" label isn't right for them and prefer to identify as gainers instead.
What is the difference between a feeder and an encourager?
"Encourager" is a term traditionally used in the gay male feedism community, but the term has become more widespread.  It can be used to describe people who provide support, encouragement, and feedback for feedees/gainers without being in a feeding arrangement with them.  Some people feel the "feeder" label isn't right for them and prefer to identify as encouragers instead.  It is also used negatively by some to describe feeders who won't or can't financially contribute to a feedee's gain.
What else might I come across in the feedism community?
There are all kinds of things you might come across, but here are a few common ones.  Whenever you come across something you're unfamiliar with, do some research and ask questions!
  • Stuffing
  • Bloating
  • Inflation
  • Piggy play/cow play/other animal play
  • Humiliation/hardcore teasing
  • Pregnancy fetishes
  • Vore