Welcome to ffambrosia

ffambrosia (pronounced fam - broh - zhuh) is a social networking site for the FFA/female feeder and BHM/male feedee segment of the feedism community. It's a place where FFAs can connect with each other and where BHM can feel they're the center of attention. If you're a lady who likes to make other people fat or if you're a fat guy, this is the place for you! Everyone is welcome, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identify, feedism preferences, etc., provided you respect the site's focus. Features are outlined below.

Interact with your fellow members on the activity feed. Post status updates, comment on statuses, and upload media.
Participate in discussion topics, from feedism to your hobbies, in ffambrosia's version of forums.
Post and read stories and poetry related to weight gain, fat admiration, and feedism.
Form and join groups with other members who share your hobbies and interests, both inside and outside feedism. They function almost as mini-sites, with their own topics and albums.
account_balance_walletCREDIT SYSTEM
Earn credits for participating in the site. This feature is expected to undergo future updates.